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Cayman Islands Owen Roberts Airport

The Cayman Island Government (CIG) approved a $28 million expansion of the runway into the North Sound at Owen Roberts International Airport and a $42 million rebuild of the General Aviation Terminal for private jets.

The outline business case that was approved includes four projects. The other two, with more modest price tags, are the modernization of air traffic control, which will cost $4.7M, and work on the runway-end safety area at Charles Kirkconnell International Airport on Cayman Brac, priced at just $1.15M.

Client: IDL Project Connections


Mapping of foundations, walls, and utility lines and utilization of advanced technology and topographic data to calculate the volume of materials for filling, grading, and excavation.


Constructed to increase safety and efficiency at the airport by giving aircraft a viable alternative to back-taxing on the runway. This airfield expansion is part of a larger airports development master plan that will have lasting economic and community benefits for the people of the Cayman Islands.


The runway will be extended some 1,100 feet, but with the additional end of runway safety and turning areas, the strip will extend to around 1,900 feet into the ocean.

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