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Heavy Civil Surveying

Heavy Civil Surveying

OSDC elevates heavy civil surveying from a necessary preliminary step to a strategic process that dramatically influences the outcome of construction projects. Through the fusion of skilled expertise and modern technology, we ensure that every project gets off to a strong, informed start, paving the way for successful completion.

Accurate Actionable Data

In construction, surveying is essential for understanding the land and conditions where buildings will arise. It translates paper-based architectural designs into real-world structures. At OSDC, our seasoned surveyors are committed to providing accurate, actionable data for successful construction projects.

Our team utilizes cutting-edge tools for precision. GPS is used for exact land measurement and positioning, while robotic total stations allow meticulous mapping of the site. These tools aid in workflow design, challenge prediction, and optimal space utilization.

We also employ laser scanners for highly accurate 3D environmental representations, which are invaluable in the early planning stages. These advanced technologies not only enhance data accuracy but also boost efficiency. Reduced field time and precise data collection lead to increased project productivity, ensuring timely and budget-friendly completion.

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