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Prince Rupert Port Authority - Fairview Connector Road 2.png

Prince Rupert Port Authority Fairview

The recently completed connector road linking Ridley Island to the Fairview Container Terminal in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, represents a significant infrastructural development for the region. Built along the picturesque shoreline of Kaine Island, the project utilized a combination of overland and marine fill methodologies to create a robust and sustainable roadway.

Designed to accommodate two-way heavy haul traffic, the new connector road has been engineered to meet stringent standards for safety and durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of industrial use. Planning for the future, the alignment has also allocated space for two additional Canadian National (CN) railway sidings. This provision will enable further expansion and streamline cargo movements between the Fairview Container Terminal and other parts of Canada, thereby enhancing the port's operational efficiency.

Client: IDL Projects Connector


Comprehensive construction layout and staking, including riprap and slope staking, setting construction limits, grading, and subgrade. Volumetric and topographic surveys, data management, monthly tracking, machine control support, equipment calibration, and 3D model building were also part of the project scope.


Streamlined transportation and improved connectivity, positively impacting local and regional trade. Enhanced port access to boost shipping efficiency and reduce traffic congestion, attracting more business to the port. Increased economic activity by streamlining the transport of goods, thereby attracting more business to the port and surrounding areas.


Work included clearing and grub of 4 Ha, overburden excavation, drill, blast, and quarry excavation, through cut blasting, process of blast rock for embankment and subtidal fills, ocean dredging, habitat restoration, concrete and CCP culverts, jersey barriers, electrical and telecommunications conduit installations and asphalt paving. Total project volumes exceed 1,500,000 tonnes.

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