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Machine Control Optimization

Machine Control Optimization

OSDC stands as your all-inclusive partner for Machine Control Optimization. Merging Machine Control with our SmartSite service, we offer a swift, comprehensive solution, positioning you at the head of this transformative technology. This ensures you stay ahead of the curve, maximizing efficiency and boosting profit margins.

A recent study by Caterpillar illustrates the substantial payoffs of utilizing technology over traditional road construction methods - with reductions from 27% to 46%. The recognized payoff is staggering when considering the reduction in project duration, equipment hours, fuel consumption, total machine cost, operator hours, labor hours, and total manhours.

Caterpillar Job Site Study

Also of critical importance to customer organizations and the hard-working people they employ, technology is at the forefront of increased jobsite safety and reduced exposure to risk.

Regarding risk, fewer machine hours preserve machines from excessive wear, driving down fuel consumption and leading to an environmentally conscious solution and ultimate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Improve Precision, Productivity, and Safety

Machine control represents a pivotal shift in the construction industry, acting as a significant technological upgrade that has the potential to transform traditional construction practices. It refers to an innovative technology that automates the operation of construction machinery, such as excavators, graders, and dozers. This automation is not merely about running a machine; it is about optimizing its function to achieve maximum precision, productivity, and safety.

Specifically, we deliver the following services as part of our machine control solution.


  • Site Audit

  • 3D Modeling

  • Site Calibration

  • GPS Programming

  • Operator Training

  • Operator Monitoring

  • GPS Equipment Maintenance


While the technology is a game-changer and has myriad benefits, without proper training and monitoring, it won't deliver any results and can sometimes cause costly errors. That's where we come in. Daily monitoring of operators utilising advanced technology is our specialty.

At OSDC, we ensure that by automating the machinery's positioning and guidance, the technology will ensure tasks are performed exactly to the specifications laid out in the digital site plans. This level of precision reduces the chances of errors and costly reworks, saving both time and resources.

Machine control technology also boosts productivity by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual stakeouts. With this technology, machinery can operate efficiently and continuously, resulting in faster project completion times.

Safety, a crucial concern in any construction project, is significantly improved with the use of machine control. By providing accurate guidance, the technology helps prevent accidents caused by misjudgment or lack of visibility. Automated systems can also operate in hazardous environments or handle dangerous materials, reducing risks to human operators.

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