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Rutland Sewer Project

The City of Kelowna has been upgrading its sanitary sewer systems to better serve residents, protect the environment, and service the needs of a growing city for almost 30 years.

This project will provide sanitary sewer infrastructure to over 500 properties to benefit from a safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment and effluent disposal system. Restoration and landscaping will start shortly after sewer piping is complete on each road.

Client: Align Engineering


Establish site control with an extensive topographic survey of the Rutlands area in Kelowna, BC, for detailed engineering design of a sanitary sewer system. 


This critical infrastructure project will benefit Kelowna citizens and the environment for years to come. Residents will be able to connect their homes to the City’s utility once complete, allowing them the opportunity to move from septic to a safe and reliable disposal system and wastewater treatment.


Extension of sanitary sewer mains and services to properties still on septic systems. Geotechnical investigations, survey and engineering design across approximately 8 square kilometers encompassing the Rutland area in Kelowna, BC.

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