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Drafting & 3D Modeling

At OSDC, we are proficient in employing drafting and 3D modeling methodologies and do so with an emphasis on precision and detail. We address the inaccurate information on the engineering drawings to ensure they are accurate for the job site. Our team of experienced drafters and designers is adept at creating detailed, accurate models that act as a reliable guide during the construction process. We use state-of-the-art software to generate these models, ensuring that they are as accurate and informative as possible.

55% of unplanned construction work is a direct result of mistakes on a project site caused by inaccurate documentation.

Autodesk Study - Top Causes of Rework

Autodesk Study, Brock Andony, Aug 16, 2022, Construction Statistics, Productivity, ROI 

Preventing Potential Design Errors

Drafting and 3D modeling are not only instrumental but also crucial elements in influencing the successful outcome of any project. They serve as the primary blueprint and the virtual cornerstone of construction efforts, respectively.

These sophisticated techniques create a comprehensive visual portrayal of a proposed construction project, functioning as a powerful and proactive tool in the design and planning stages. This realistic visual representation allows stakeholders to understand the project more deeply and engage with it on a practical level.

At the same time, drafting and 3D modeling also allow for the identification, rectification, and prevention of potential design errors. These could be structural issues, conflicts in space utilization, or functionality limitations that might not be apparent in traditional 2D blueprints. Being able to pinpoint and correct these errors in the design phase - before the actual construction begins - is invaluable, saving considerable amounts of time, resources, and frustration that would otherwise result from mid-construction changes.

Our commitment to leveraging these techniques means we can ensure optimal design efficiency, reducing the risk of unforeseen problems during the construction phase. This approach not only minimizes costly delays and modifications but also promotes smoother project execution and completion. With our expertise in drafting and 3D modeling, OSDC ensures that your vision is translated into reality in the most efficient, effective, and accurate manner.

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