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Engineering Surveying

Engineering Surveying

Engineering surveying is the specialized practice of utilizing various techniques and tools to collect, analyze, and interpret data about the Earth's surface. This data is crucial for the accurate planning, design, and construction of civil engineering projects. OSDC's engineering surveyors work to ensure that structures are built in the correct locations and orientations, helping to optimize both functionality and safety.


Measures and calculates volumes in specific areas using advanced tools for accuracy.


High-precision GPS method, corrects signals in real-time for accurate spatial data collection.


Maps surface features, elevations, and contours for detailed land representation.

Static GPS

Stationary GPS receivers to record long-duration data for high-accuracy determination.


Maps underwater topography, measuring depth and contours of water bodies for navigation.


Maps aquatic environments, measuring depth and features for marine construction.

Optimizing Functionality and Safety

Optimizing Functionality and Safety in engineering surveying serves as the cornerstone for successful construction projects. By ensuring precise measurements and accurate data analysis, engineering surveyors help in the effective planning and execution of civil engineering endeavors. This optimization leads to structures that not only meet design specifications but also adhere to safety standards.


Consequently, projects are more likely to be completed on time and within budget, reducing the risk of costly errors or accidents. The end result is a durable, efficient, and safe structure that meets both functional and regulatory requirements.

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